A strong, attractive voice is an important asset in business. But sometimes our voice can let us down, often when we’re under pressure, by becoming weak or too high pitched. Nerves can make it tough for us to breathe properly and at their worst, can leave us literally lost for words.

In our Presentation and Personal Impact courses, vocal coaching is a core topic and we will always do some vocal coaching as part of the course. However sometimes people have more complex issues, or their job places more pressure on their voice.

That’s where one-on-one vocal coaching can really make a difference. People come to us to either fix issues that are bothering them, or to help them make even more of their voice. In your vocal coaching sessions we analyse your specific strengths and challenges and work with you to fulfil your potential.

Participants learn:

  • The physiology of the voice
  • The role of posture in creating a strong voice
  • Analysis and development of breathing technique
  • Tips to tackle nerves
  • How to use pitch to improve the voice
  • Pacing and pausing
  • Preserving the voice in challenging situations
  • Lifestyle guidance to support the voice


one or more 2-hour coaching sessions

Course outline

Depending on your needs and your budget we usually recommend between 2-6 one-on-one sessions. Each session is 1.5-2 hours and are a balance of theory and customised exercises and practice. Sessions are ideally in person but for those further afield we also run vocal coaching over Skype or Google Hangout.

Our vocal coaches are highly experienced actors, opera singers and choirmasters who have trained at some of the world’s leading conservatoires and drama schools. Outside their work with Make Yourself, they teach singing to music undergraduates and are examiners for national music boards.

If you’d like to discuss how vocal coaching might be able to help you, please get in touch.



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