One-to-One Presentation


Our one-to-one presentation coaching sessions are for those who want a highly personalised approach to presentation and public speaking coaching. Our one-to-one presentation coaching particularly suits:

  • C-level execs
  • ‘Heads of’ who are new to the role, often promoted over their peers
  • those who want extra help in building confidence when speaking
  • those who want extra support for an upcoming, high-stakes presentation

One-to-one presentation coaching is tailored to an individual’s specific needs and objectives, so there is no ‘one size fits all’.  Here are some examples of how we’ve helped clients recently:

  • Vocal coaching for a senior exec to increase his executive presence
  • Helping a nervous ‘Global Head of’ to feel, and appear, more confident speaking at external events
  • Media training for an inexperienced senior exec
  • Interview training for a private client
  • Working with a global lead on a high-profile keynote speech, helping to script more engaging content and finessing delivery
  • Five-day, intensive ‘A-Z’ Executive Presence coaching for a newly-appointed C-level leader
  • “Personal Impact” coaching for an individual as part of their long-term coaching programme

Although the themes are often the same, every individual’s personal situation is different. The realm of executive presence and presentation coaching is often filled with sensitivity and anxiety. We have many years’ experience of helping build an individual’s confidence in this crucial leadership skill.
Get in touch, in confidence, if you’d like to discuss how one-to-one-presentation coaching might help you or someone on your team, or visit this page for more information on 1:1 online coaching.


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