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Storytelling is our most ancient and prolific art form and is engrained in our minds from childhood. Every day of our adult life we tell and take in stories, we absorb them from every medium and, even when we sleep, we dream in stories.

So imagine if we could harness the power of storytelling for our business?  Our Storytelling training course will empower you to do that.

Increasingly companies are recognising the importance of storytelling and how they can inspire action.

Participants learn:

  • The importance of storytelling in the information age
  • How left and right brains are engaged by stories
  • How stories act as ‘zip files’, carrying information into peoples’ heads
  • Stories as a leadership tool
  • Stories as an influencing tool
  • How to create and find stories
  • Idea driven narratives: analogies & allegories
  • The principles of storytelling
  • Story structure
  • Intent and persuasion
  • The voice of the storyteller


1 day

Course outline

This Storytelling training course combines theory, exercises, roleplay and one-on-one coaching.

A roleplay runs throughout the course, incorporating Q&A and chemistry sessions, pitch presentation creation and preparation, culminating the pitch itself.

Performances are filmed and trainees coached to deliver persuasive presentations.

The course content can be adapted to support internal processes and typical pitch scenarios.


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