Presenting over Video Conference


We’re presenting over video conference more than ever before. With pressure on travel budgets, increasing globalisation and improvements in technology, VCs are part of daily life in many organisations. A Video Conference might be a one-on-one meeting, or two rooms of people talking to each other, or one person delivering a webinar to many. You might be able to see at each other clearly, or the audience might only ever see a slide deck.

Attendees who join our Presenting over Video Conference sessions typically come with questions like, “I feel like I’m presenting into a void – how do I cope with the stress that adds?”; “How do I keep them engaged?”; “How do I bring them back when they’ve started their own side-conversations?” and often “I know I’m meant to adapt my presentation style to VC – what should I be doing?”

Presenting over Video Conference teaches new and smart techniques to ensure you’re as persuasive over VC as you are in person.

Participants learn:

  • Getting the technology working for you
  • Adapting to different rooms and scenarios
  • Planning your use of your room and theirs
  • Lights, camera, action! (or how to ‘direct’ the camera)
  • Taking control of the conference
  • Handling one or two screens. Laptops vs monitors
  • Your voice: what we can learn from radio presenters
  • Keeping people engaged
  • Controlling body language and eyes
  • Managing the meeting: signposting, leading, checking
  • Adapting your content to different meeting formats
  • Webinars and Conference calls: how to present ‘blind’


1/2 day

Course outline

Presenting over Video Conference is a third theory and two thirds practice using your VC facilities and replicating typical situations that the group faces (two rooms are required in close proximity).

Performances are filmed in the room and over VC, so attendees understand how they appear on the other end of the line. Trainees keep their films for reference.

Additional Information

We recommend running this course together with other Level 2 courses, eg Presentation Masterclass.

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