Presentation Masterclass


Presentation Masterclass is a presentation skills training course is designed for those with a moderate amount of presenting experience who now want to take their presenting to the next level.

Presentation Masterclass is very effective at helping attendees feel more confident and appear more confident when they’re presenting. The techniques attendees learn help them come across in a more engaging, and ultimately more persuasive way. The course acts as a foundation for all our Level 3 Presentation Skills training and we advise any presenter with some experience to attend this course first.

Participants learn:

  • What you’re currently doing well and what’s holding you back
  • Techniques to come across with confidence and authority
  • Where nerves come from and how to control them
  • The importance of flexibility and being ‘in the moment’
  • How to use performance energy to help you present with charisma
  • Improving vocal projection: using your voice to engage and persuade
  • ‘Body Talk’: the importance of non-verbal communication and how to use it to enhance your style
  • How to connect emotionally with your content so you present with authenticity
  • Slide sabotage: how to design your slides so they support instead of sabotage


1 day or
1/2 day

Course outline

Presentation Masterclass is a very interactive and engaging mix of exercises, theory and practice. Every participant receives one-to-one coaching from a highly experienced presentation coach, who is able to quickly analyse the attendee’s presenting style, assessing their strengths plus the areas to focus on to help them achieve their objectives. Attendees are given tips and techniques specific to their own style, then coached to implement them. The methods used enable attendees to achieve breakthroughs in their style in the space of a few hours.

We place great emphasis on making the experience fun and positive and build a secure and supportive environment to encourage people out of their comfort zone and to take risks.

All attendees are filmed (unless they’d prefer not to be) and can take their films away with them, so that they can see for themselves how far they’ve come.

Additional Information

Presentation Masterclass is our most popular presentation skills training course. Some of our clients have run it for over 8 years.
Our trainers have delivered it well over 1000 times, with around 10,000 attendees.

Here are some comments from recent attendees and training sponsors:


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