1:1 Presentation Coaching over Video Conference


We’re communicating and presenting over VC more than ever before, whether it’s via Zoom, WebEx, Skype or Hangout. A Video Conference might be a simple one-on-one video call, or two rooms of people having a meeting, or one person delivering a webinar to many. You might be working from home or communicating with a remote team.

Most people treat video calls in just the same way as a phone call or a face-to-face meeting, and don’t think about much about what we need to adapt for remote communication. When we’re face-to-face, it’s often a challenge to be clear,  engaging and  persuasive. But these issues are magnified when we’re communicating remotely.
It’s important to adapt your style to the tech.

We cover other common questions too like “I feel like I’m presenting into a void – how do I cope with the stress that adds?”; “How do I bring them back when they’ve started their own side-conversations?” and often “What else do I need to be thinking about when presenting over VC?”

Our 1:1 Presentation Coaching is run online with an expert coach, and helps to ensure ensure you’re as clear and persuasive over VC as you are in person.

approx. 2 hours

Participants learn:

  • What you’re already doing well and what you can improve
  • The core elements of vocal technique and how to adapt them for VC
  • How to keep your audience engaged
  • Making the most of your body language
  • Tips for managing the meeting: signposting, leading, checking

1 person

Course outline

Our 1:1 remote Presentation Coaching sessions are around 2 hours long.

We share the basic theory then quickly get you delivering some of your own content. We analyse your current style, discuss what’s working well and what you can improve on. We teach you simple techniques and tips that make a big difference, both to you and your audience.

With plenty of opportunity to practice, you finish the session with a much deeper understanding of how to be clear and persuasive when communicating remotely.

We also run online Presence and Presentation over Zoom group training.


You’ll need a stable internet connection for this online coaching session.

Please get in touch for fees and availability, putting the course title in the subject field.



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