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Which course is right for me?

We offer three levels of presentation skills training courses: Presentation Fundamentals, Presentation Masterclass and Advanced Presentation Skills.

We offer courses to help you structure and design your content and courses to help you improve the way you deliver your content.

All our courses have been designed to run as virtual training courses as well as in-person, in a range of different online formats.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We regularly create bespoke presentation skills training courses to meet specific needs. Get in touch to discuss what’s best for you.

Our Courses

Presentation Fundamentals

Presentation Fundamentals gives a solid grounding in the fundamentals of presentation creation and delivery. From audience, to structure, to design and delivery, it’s everything the beginner needs.

Pitching to win

Whether you’re pitching for the first time or a seasoned practitioner, unlock the secrets of successful pitching.


Discover how to engage your audience more effectively through the use of storytelling. Ideal for beginners and also those who already using case studies and stories in their presentations, and want to learn the techniques of professional storytellers.

1:1 Presenting over VC coaching

Live online 1:1 coaching to help you communicate and present clearly, engagingly and persuasively.

Create great presentations

Learn how to plan and structure your presentations, plus how to add spark using storytelling. Discover the simple design secrets that will give your slides a professional gloss, plus, make them easier to present.

Presentation Masterclass

Our most popular presentation skills course. Designed to help you feel and appear more confident and persuasive in your presentations, and all your personal interactions.

Advanced Presentation Skills

Designed for those who are fully comfortable with day-to-day presenting, who now want to excel in more challenging situations. For example large audiences, keynote speeches, presenting to senior or difficult audiences and impromptu company and team speeches.