Leadership Programme Module 3: Leading the Business


Leading the Business develops your people as commercial leaders and is tailored to your specific market and business.

Participants explore the art of decision making, paradoxical thinking, system thinking and collaboration, as well as leading through change.

And because no-one understands your business better than you, we work with you to co-design content that is specific to your business and encourage your senior execs to deliver aspects of the course.

Participants learn:
  • Commerical fundamentals – finance for non-financial managers
  • The competitive landscape and your position in it, now and in the future
  • Your key stakeholders
  • The power of collaboration and why leaders must be systems thinkers
  • Negotiation Fundamentals
  • The art of decision making and how to access different levels of thinking
  • Leading through change
  • Maintaining your, your team’s and your business’s resilience

up to 12 (1 facilitator) or 20 (2 facilitators)

2+ days

Course outline


In this two-day module, as with Modules 1&2, development begins before the course with a development discussion with their manager.

This module deploys business games, group discussion, breakouts plus presentations from your commerical team as well as other external speakers.

Towards the end of the second day we focus on the future – as participants map their onward development journey, building on the plan they have created throughout the programme. Delegates leave feeling motivated and inspired to be the best leader they can be.

The course uses a mix of theory, films, exercises, small and whole group discussions and high-energy activities. Some work overnight may be required.

Additional Information


This two-day course is the third of the three Leadership Programme Modules. It can be run either on-site or off-site.

The topics above represent the core of the Leading the Business module. Topics can be dialled-up or dialled down according to your specific learning objectives. We can also run additional ‘deep-dive’ days, into areas including Negotiation Skills or other commercial topics you want to emphasise.

For more on this module and the overall programme, get in touch and we can fix a time to talk either over the phone or in person.



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