Leadership Programme Module 2: Leading Others


Leading Others equips your people with the knowledge and skills they need to be an effective and inspiring leader of others.

Drawing from the fields of behavioural economics, psychology and neuroscience, they discover what lifts and what limits performance. Building on their understanding of their personal leadership style from Module 1, participants learn how to unlock the potential in others.

Participants learn:
  • Intrinsic motivation and what motivates others
  • What we as leaders can do to influence others’ threat and reward states
  • Why engagement matters and how to influence it
  • The case for empowerment, the rewards and the risks
  • Feedback and challenging conversations
  • The essentials of coaching and why it’s a critical tool for every leader
  • Making everyday communications count
  • How to use the principles of powerful teams to develop your own team

up to 12 (1 facilitator) or 20 (2 facilitators)

2+ days

Course outline


In this two-day module, as with Module 1, development begins before the course with a development discussion with their manager. Participants may also conduct a team effectiveness survey using one of our recommended survey tools.

There is a strong emphasis on making the learning ‘live’, via regular referral to participants’ current team structure, team members and team challenges. We will reflect on that team in the future, and the journey required to get there.

The course uses a mix of theory, films, exercises, small and whole group discussions and high-energy activities. Some work overnight may be required.

Additional Information


This two-day course is the second of the three Leadership Programme Modules. It can be run either on-site, or recommended, off-site, to encourage new thinking patterns and reduced distractions.

The topics above represent the core of the Leading Others module. Topics can be dialled-up or dialled down according to your specific learning objectives. We can also run additional ‘deep-dive’ days, into areas including Feedback and Coaching and Effective Influencing.

For more on the nuts and bolts of this module and the overall programme, get in touch and we can fix a time to talk either over the phone or in person.



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