Leading Through Change


Many organisations today are in a constant cycle of change. Others are more static, but may then undergo a deeply fundamental change such as a merger.

Change is an external event that occurs and is often beyond our control.  Transition is the emotional journey that individuals undergo in response to change.

By recognising the psychological and emotional impact of change, we can help ourselves and others to come to terms with the changes and begin to thrive.

This half day workshop is designed to help attendees understand the psychology of change, enhance their understanding of their personal reaction to change and to use this knowledge to manage change more effectively.

Participants learn:

  • The difference between change and transition. The concept of the transition stages.
  • How to recognise their own emotions at each stage and that of others around them
  • Their role in helping themselves and others at each stage of the transition e.g. surfacing and empathy
  • The effect of their own intentional, and unintentional, reactions to the emotional displays of others
  • The role that trust plays in leading through change
  • The neuroscience of change
  • Helping yourself and others through change using the Influence Model

10-12 with one faciliator, 12+ with two

3.5 hours

Course outline

The day combines theory, hands-on exercises and group work. We encourage discussion and the sharing of real-life challenges and experiences.

The focus is firmly on how to apply the knowledge in the real world, grounding every theory or model in real life. Participants take away a personal learning log of their insights from the session plus an action plan of how they will manage any current change that they might be experiencing.

Additional Information

This module is taught as part of our our full Leadership Programme, or can be combined with other stand-alone modules.

Please get in touch to talk through what approach would suit your organisation best.



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