Know & Maximise Your Strengths


Know & Maximise Your Strengths is based on findings from the field of positive psychology.

Leading psychologists define a strength as “an activity that strengthens you” and a weakness as “an activity that weakens you”.

By spending more time on the tasks that inspire and energise them, and finding ways to reduce time on those that draw on weaknesses, participants are able to become happier, more energised and resilient leaders.

Participants learn:

  • The rationale for strengths-based development
  • How to recognise when they are playing to their strengths
  • How to describe their strengths in their own words
  • Tactics to reduce time on tasks that draw on weaknesses
  • Be aware of what to do in order to develop and maximise their strengths every day
  • Development of a personal action plan


3.5 hours

Course outline


Before the course, participants complete a strengths survey. This report is used as a foundation for the course. The learning is delivered via group and individual exercises as well as group discussion.

Participants develop a personal action plan on how to play to their strengths and leave the session inspired and equipped to be more motivated and focused leaders.

Additional Information

This module is taught as part of our our full Leadership Programme, or can be combined with other stand-alone modules.

Please get in touch to talk through what approach would suit your organisation best.



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