Coaching Clinics


One to one coaching is usually the preserve of senior executives.

Our drop-in coaching clinics give colleagues at any career level the opportunity to access the skills of an experienced executive coach.

Delegates sign up to a one-hour time-slot during which they can be coached on any topic that they feel is getting in the way of them being happier and more successful at work.  The sessions are entirely confidential. The topic is decided by the coaching client and can range from navigating a difficult relationship with a manager, peer or customer to thinking through the next career move or a specific business problem or how to better balance life in and outside of work.

Participants learn:

  • The value of 1:1 coaching in unlocking capability
  • How to find their own solutions to complex problems through the use of powerful questioning, reflection and feedback from the coach
  • How to think through a particular problem, exploring options, and being held to account for outcomes
  • How to be more resilient and to find energy at times of stress
  • How to better understand their own part in the relationships they experience
  • How to be happier and more successful at work


½ day (3 x 1 hour sessions) or 1 day (6 x 1 hour sessions)

Course outline


The first section of the coaching session is about coach and client getting to know one another.

Together we agree how to work together during the session. We talk through how coaching works in general, agree much challenge the client is comfortable with, and what specifically would be a good outcome from the session.

The remainder of the time is spent working through the specific topic, and closes with actions, next steps and commitment to completion.

Additional Information

Not a course in the traditional sense, clients sign up for a one-hour slot in advance. We run between 3-6 one hour coaching sessions per day.

Please get in touch to talk through what approach would suit your organisation best.


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