Leadership Skills Individual Modules

Leadership a la carte?

If you’re looking for just a few specific courses that fall under the ‘Leadership’ banner, then you’re in the right place.

Here below is a sample menu of courses that you can run as one-offs, or in combination with each other. We also run Understanding Leadership Styles, Engaging and Motivating your Team, Delegation and more.

All our courses have been designed to run as highly interactive virtual training courses as well as in-person, in a range of different online formats.

As always, just get in touch to talk it through we can can help you design a combination that’s just to your taste.

Leadership Stand-Alone Modules

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has become increasingly accepted as the key differentiator between good and great leaders.

On this course, participants learn how to use EI to become more compelling, inspirational and resilient leaders.

Know & Maximise Your Strengths

The field of positive psychology is impacting the way we think about strengths and ‘areas for development’.

This course encourage participants to define their strengths and helps them learn how to play to them.

This strengths-based approach results in more motivated, energised and resilient leaders.

Coaching for Managers

Coaching for Managers enables your managers and leaders to improve the performance of their team and unlock their full potential.

Coaching for Managers builds the skills of coaching in everyday management situations.

Leading through Change

Leading through Change equips your leaders with the understanding and knowledge they need to support themselves and their people through periods of change.