The Make Yourself
Leadership Programme

Leadership Programme Overview

Our Leadership Programme takes the best of the thinking on personal and leadership development, then gives it a Make Yourself polish.

You don’t need us to tell you that Leadership courses are two-a-penny out there. But despite this, our clients have told us that it’s tough to find a programme, and a training partner, that really meets their needs.

Sometimes the style of training is just too dry for their sparky leadership team. Or they worry that because the format is heavy on theory and light on practice, it’ll go in one ear and out the other. Or they’ve found that their training partner can’t flex to accommodate the very specific demands of their business.

That’s the Make Yourself polish.

Lively, engaging trainers. Determined to embed the learning in the minds of attendees before they walk out the door. Ever mindful that every business is different, and therefore that the need to bespoke is key. And of course, based on a rock-solid foundation of proven, intuitive Leadership thinking.

We didn’t see the need to mess with the tried-and-trusted segmentation of Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Business. So we didn’t.

What we have done though is pioneer a virtual suite of online Leadership courses, in a range of different formats, in addition to our in-person versions.

Have a read and get in touch to talk about how we can help you help your current, and your future, leaders deliver success for your organisation.

Leadership Programme

Module 1: Leading Self

Leading Self enables your people to better understand themselves so that they can be a more effective and inspiring leader.

We develop their emotional intelligence, give them clarity on their personal leadership purpose and values, and support them as they develop their own authentic, leadership style.

Module 2: Leading Others

Here our attendees learn how to be an effective and inspiring leader of teams.

Drawing from the fields of behavioral economics, psychology and neuroscience, they discover what lifts and what limits performance.

Module 3: Leading the Business

How to be a commercial leader in your current market and specific business.

Here your people explore the art of decision making, paradoxical thinking and leading through change. We work closely with you to co-develop exactly what your people need to thrive as commercial leaders.