Influencing Skills


Our Influencing Skills training course workshop is for those who want to be better at influencing those around them, whether internal or external stakeholders, peers, direct reports or more senior managers. It focuses on two critical areas – management of the self and awareness of the motivations and communication styles of others. It is particularly useful for those who want to work on their emotional intelligence.

Participants learn:

  • What makes a good influencer?
  • Who do you have to influence and what issues do you face?
  • Understanding our own perspective vs. another’s perspective
  • Understanding what is influencing the other person
  • Recognising and adapting to different communication styles
  • How asking questions can change the game
  • The many benefits of listening
  • More advanced techniques to bring others around to your point of view
  • What you’re already doing well and how to improve


1 day

Course outline

This influencing skills training course is a very practical workshop. From the start we talk about the different situations that the attendees face and the session is focused around these.

Attendees examine their own attitudes and put themselves in the place of those they are trying to influence. They learn and then practice powerful techniques and can see for themselves what a difference a few simple changes can make.

This approach makes the training highly relevant, and by practicing real situations the attendees find it much easier to replicate their learning back in the workplace.

Additional Information

We regularly combine elements of Personal Impact into this workshop, so that attendees practice not only what to say but how to say it.

To talk through your specific needs and work out what approach will suit you best, please get in touch.


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