Advanced Negotiation



Advanced Negotiation Skills is designed for the experienced negotiator looking for added advantage.

It teaches advanced techniques that can polish any performance. This course assumes knowledge of the negotiation theory taught in our Negotiation Skills course.

Participants learn:

  • Positional vs Principled Negotiation
  • The Pareto Optimal Frontier
  • Truth or Dare? Should you lie, bluff or just tell the truth?
  • Poker face or not?
  • Negotiating with people you dislike
  • Force, rights and interests
  • The principles of reciprocity, similarity and reinforcement
  • The psychology of risk
  • Vision, Big Picture and Objectives
  • Handling multiple offers
  • Contingent agreements
  • Saving face


1-2 days

Course outline

This advanced negotiation skills training course uses roleplays and one-on-one coaching. The examples used are based on real-life negotiations with some of the world’s largest companies. We can craft roleplays to mirror a typical company negotiation.

This blend of hard-nosed commercialism and insight into the emotional side of negotiations ensures the day is a very memorable and productive experience.

Additional Information

By its nature, the content of Advanced Negotiation Skills is designed around the very specific needs of the experienced negotiators. We work closely with L&D and team leaders to make the learning directly relevant and applicable to the context in which the attendees negotiate.

Please get in touch to discuss how we might design the course around the needs of your people and your organisation.


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