March 24, 2015 3:40 pm

Make Yourself delivers vocal training at the most senior levels of the public sector. The Daily Telegraph noticed that Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, was now coming across with more authority and impact, and called his office to find out why.

Danny’s office was happy to share that Anthea Willey, trainer and coach at Make Yourself, had been working with Danny on vocal training and personal impact.

The Daily Telegraph also wrote that the Chief Secretary to the Treasury had received vocal training from another coach some time previously.  This particular coach helped make for a slightly more impactful headline…

Vocal training isn’t just useful for presentations, it helps to ensure you’re coming across clearly and in an engaging way whatever the situation.  That might be a day-to-day meeting, a phone conference, a video conference or even the occasional Newsnight interview…

At Make Yourself we run vocal training and personal impact sessions with groups and individuals. Get in touch for a chat to find out how vocal training can help you, whether you’re in the public sector or private sector, whatever your level.

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