June 24, 2013 12:56 pm


We all had a fantastic day at the inaugural 2013 IPA Presenting Awards last Friday.

Twelve attendees from twelve IPA (Institute for Practitioners in Advertising) member agencies competed for first prize – a presentation skills training course for their agency; a £200 personal prize and a fairly weighty silver presentation cup.



Federico Rivera from Imagination won the first prize for ‘Most Improved Presenter’.  Runner-up prizes went to Lauren Lukasiewicz from 23Red as second ‘Most Improved Presenter’ and Sabrina Douglas from M&C Saatchi for ‘Best Overall Presenter’.

Graham (far right) and Patrick Mills, Head of Professional Development at the IPA (far left), awarded the prizes.

The competition is a new initiative from the IPA, in partnership with Make Yourself, to inspire ad industry execs to present more often without slides.


The ability to stand up and persuade people, without slides, is rapidly becoming a lost art.  If you’ve ever watched Mad Men, you’ll know that it’s not his use of PowerPoint that makes Don Draper such a powerful presenter.  We and the IPA are keen to encourage young ad industry execs to ditch the slides when they can and be more persuasive in the process.

The IPA also wanted to highlight the value of presentation skills training in an industry where this skill plays a crucial role in an agency’s success  and an individual’s career progression.

Attendees each prepared a three-minute presentation and delivered it, without slides, to the audience and a panel of judges.   They  received presentation skills training to help them improve their delivery, and were then judged again on their final performance.

The overall quality of the presenting was impressive and we saw many real step-changes over the course of the day. The day was heavily over-subscribed and we’re planning to expand it for 2014.

We’ll also be sharing some of the before/after videos on the site in the next few weeks.

A huge thanks to all our attendees and their agency HR contacts for taking part, and of course to the IPA for hosting.

See you in 2014!