May 24, 2016 1:55 pm

A HBR article on how to handle conflictgood, short read from HBR with practical tips to help you handle conflict, along with a list of useful phrases to get you into the swing of things.  “The minute you accept that the conflict is productive and that the person you’re in conflict with is worthy, the nature of the conflict will immediately change for the better. The tone will improve as the conflict becomes centered on the ideas rather than the individuals who are presenting them.”

We see the impact that this approach has time and again when we practice how to handle conflict situations in our ‘Handing Difficult Conversations” training course. Before they apply these principles, we see people building an imaginary wall of conflict between them the longer the discussion continues. With every rebuttal, another brick is laid. When they apply these principles, the conversation is dramatically more positive and immediately more productive.

HBR article to help you handle conflict